Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstaett
Lithography Workshop Eichstaett
L’Atelier de Lithographie d’Eichstaett
Staying as artist in residence
Artists are invited to the lithography workshop of the city of Eichstätt for two weeks during
which they will be working in the atelier.
This  active period of creative work is followed by an exhibition at the lithography workshop
that lasts another two weeks.
As the lithography workshop of Eichstätt is centrally situated in the region where lithographic stones are mined, a trip to near-by Solnhofen is part of the program.
There will be a visit to a company still producing lithographic stones, a visit to a historic quarry and a quarry presently in use.
A visit to the Jura Museum in Eichstätt will provide insights into the geological conditions of limestone formation and shed light on local finds of paleontological stones.
A precondition of any invitation is that the artist invited is working independently as a lithographer. This should be a core aspect of her or his artistic work.
It is only in exceptional cases that a guest printer is additionally being invited.
Artists from every country of the world  may be guests of this locality, situated in the region that is offering the world’s finest lithographic stones.
Every artist invited is expected to give in return prints of the works of art done at the atelier.
These will form part of the “Eichstätt Lithography Collection”.
The main emphasis is put on the professional quality and relevance of the art works.
The Artists
Angelo Evelyn, Rotterdam, NL
Armin Nischk, Berlin,DE
Li Portenlänger, Eichstätt,DE
Lindsey Routh, Hull, GB
Eugenia Schuffert Danu, Bremen, DE
Wolfgang Schmitz, Wuppertal, DE
Martin Noll, Berlin, DE
Otto Heigold, Luzern, CH
Carla Neis, Bern, CH
Jean-Jacques Ostier, Paris, FR
Kari Vallius, Porvoo, FI
Mikolás Axmann, Prag, CZ
Ingrid Ledent, Antwerpen, BE
Robert Reiter, Coburg, DE
Jiang Hui Kou, Tianjin, CN
Chiho Kuroki, Bruxelles, BE
Els Patoor, Brussel, BE
Martin Koeppl, Herrenberg, DE
Ernst Arnold Bauer, Eichstaett, DE
Alain Verschueren, Bruxelles, BE
Paul Ballard, St. Adele, Canada
Fan Min, Tianjin, CN
Hans Karelszoon Van Dijck, Antwerpen, BE
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wolfgang schmitz
martin noll
chiho kuroki
mikolas  axmann
otto heigold
angelo evelyn
armin nischk
li portenlänger
lindsey routh
eugenia schuffert danu
wolfgang schmitz
martin noll
otto heigold
carla neis
jean jacques ostier
kari vallius
mikolas axmann
ingrid ledent
robert reiter
jiang hui kou
chiho kuroki
els patoor
ernst arnold bauer
paul ballard
alain verschueren
martin koeppl
hans karelszoon van dijck

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